Australia’s boutique wellness and psychology retreat Envision is coming to Auckland, but with a twist.

During the Ladies Love Lunch, Dr Aileen will speak about relationships, what they are and how they impact us, as well as the different attachment styles each one of us have as individuals.

Growing up we have all experienced different environments and interpretations of love and relationships, which contribute to our perception on what it is, how we connect and how we navigate through these waters.

She will then touch on a concept known as the Strange Situation theory, as well as the Karpman’s Triangle on the roles of the Persecutor, Victim and Rescuer and how this may apply to your life or someone you know.

Throughout the lunch, Dr Aileen will address some problems we encounter in relationships and how to handle them in a healthy and productive manner.

Apart from the emotional, mental and spiritual goodies you'll walk away with, we've also included a bit of dazzle on your way in, including:


Champagne on arrival

A goodie bag

A sound healing session as well as a mindfulness and relationship workshop session

In between 3 chef-designed courses!

And of course, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages and lots of laughs throughout the day..